YOW! Lambda Jam 2017 Mark Hibberd - Mundane Utility: A Functional Shell

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Functional programming is a useful technique. We spend a lot of time discussing it in the context of hard, challenging or interesting problems, but no where nearly enough in the context of mundane problems.

The UNIX shell, or command line interpreter. A simple, but useful program too often mistaken as complex, or mysterious. Almost every programmer is exposed to shells from a users perspective, but far fewer have ever implemented one, or even know where to start.

This talk aims to be a fun look at using functional programming in and around a traditional, some would say mundane, system utility. We will work through the concepts involved with implementing your own shell, and live code our way to a basic functional shell implemented in Haskell.

From this talk, attendees will walk a way with a better understanding of a program they use every day, as well as ideas and inspiration around using functional programming to solve mundane programming problems.

Mark Hibberd spends his time working on large-scale data and machine learning problems for Ambiata. Mark takes software development seriously. Valuing correctness and reliability, he is constantly looking to learn tools and techniques to support these goals.

This approach has led to a history of building teams that utilise purely-functional programming techniques to help deliver robust products.

For more on YOW! Lambda Jam, visit http://lamdajam.yowconference.com.au
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