Rethinking the Developer Career Path – Randall Koutnik | The Lead Developer UK 2017

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Our current methods for measuring a developer’s career progression are broken. At best, we count the number of days someone’s been paid to write code and massage that into a title. As a result, there’s no consensus as to what a given title means, leading to frustration for everyone.

Instead of judging a career via vague metrics like time, we’ll discuss focusing on a path centered around autonomy. Walk through the three stages of a developer’s life: The Implementer, who’s just learning the ropes and needs careful attention. The Solver, who tackles ever-bigger problems - and needs the responsibility to match. Finally, the Finder, who will revolutionise how you do work but only if you let them.

After this talk, you’ll have a new grasp on how to level up your team, no matter where they are in their careers.

About Randall Koutnik

Randall is a senior engineer at Netflix, building tools that wake up other Netflixers when things break. To offset that karma, he’s adopted a cat that wakes him up at night whenever a new JS framework is released.
The Lead Developer UK 2017

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