PackWars: Webpack vs Browserify vs SystemJS vs require.js – Opher Vishnia | Render 2017

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Front end development is becoming increasingly complex. In the past you could just serve your CSS, JS and image files and you were good to go. Nowadays you have Single Page Apps and modules and assets and images and libraries and frameworks and oh god what now what. Let me help you with your Analysis Paralysis. I went through all the options for modularizing, bundling and serving your code so you don’t have to. I’ll explain the problem and present current solutions like Require.js, Browserify and Webpack, their use cases, their merits and their faults so you could stop worrying and start coding


Opher is a multidisciplinary creator, invested in many different and often unrelated fields at the same time: computer science, art, music, design, math, game development and more. For the past three years Opher has been working at Eko as lead creative developer, and the go-to authority on client side web technologies. His day-to-day involves working with both creative teams (design, art, film) as well as development teams to push the envelope of interactive video, a new and exciting creative medium.
Render 2017

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