Live Container Hacking: Capture The Flag - Andrew Martin (Control Plane) vs Ben Hall (Katacoda)

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Every day hackers are searching for potential exploits and vulnerabilities within systems. The system administrator’s aim is to create protections and defenses to ensure that they don’t succeed. But what does that look like live? This talk will demonstrate live reconnaissance, exploitation, and defence of running containers and orchestrators.

Ben has challenged Andrew to try and capture his flag, represented by a Bitcoin. If Andrew manages to exploit a Docker/Kubernetes deployment, then he’ll capture the flag and as such the Bitcoin. Ben needs to ensure that all the correct defenses are in place to stop this from happening. Be witness to attack and defend methods of Docker Security.

Learn the approaches hackers use and how to defend your systems. More importantly, who will win? Will any systems still be up by the end? Will the containers successfully contain and protect from Andrew’s onslaught?

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Container Camp UK 2017

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