Let's Make Release Upgrades Great Again! - Luis Rascão - EUC17

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Release Upgrades (AKA relups) are still a topic shrouded in mistery to a lot of Erlang users. One of the superior features of the Erlang VM is the ability of hot-code loading which is invaluable when you run code in production and need to apply fixes without downtime. Many will simply overwrite the .beam files in disk and then load them by hand, this is an error prone process that doesn't scale well in large clusters, another option is load balancer draining which is also annoying.
A rebar3 plugin will be presented which aims at easing the developer burden of generating and working with release upgrades.
Relups give us a structured way of applying code changes to a running release, we are now starting to have the right tools for the job so let's all make release upgrades great again!

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