Leading engineering teams through massive change - Yvette Pasqua | #LeadDevNewYork

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As an engineering leader, there will likely come a time when you need to manage your team through change. Sometimes it will be a lot of change all at once and sometimes it will be a series of changes over time. Change can also manifest in many forms like technical and architecture change, cultural change, and organizational change. For example, in just the past year I've worked at a company that has re-architected our platform, been acquired, grown significantly, and hired a new CEO. Through all types of change, your team will need you to support and lead them through it.

In this talk, I will walk through a framework for leading engineering teams through change, using real examples and things I've learned as an engineering leader during times of massive change and growth. Some experiences I'll draw from include: working at five different companies who have been acquired, re-architecting dozens of different products and platforms, and spearheading several culture changes and re-orgs. The framework will pivot around two important centers: the phase of change you're in and the leadership qualities you can use to support yourself and your team. There's an expression that 'change is hard' which is true, but I hope to empower other leaders with a framework and toolkit to make change more approachable.

About Yvette Pasqua
Yvette is the CTO of Meetup. She leads the engineering team with a focus on continuous learning, iterating, and using data to launch software that brings people together around the world to do what they love. Her team's work enables 40 million members in 187 countries to organize and build communities in real life. Those members have created over 320,000 Meetup groups who organize 12,000 Meetup events per day, which is a step towards creating a world full of real human connection.

Prior to joining Meetup, Yvette’s career included leadership roles at startups and product development firms, most notably at Schematic, Possible, and AKQA. Yvette was responsible for leading the team who built Grindr during the first few years of Grindr’s most rapid growth.
The Lead Developer NY 2019

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