Large Scale Changes at Google: Lessons Learned From 5 Yrs of Mass Migrations

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Google has one of the largest single C++ codebases on the planet, yet is able to continually update both core libraries and the code which uses them. In this talk, I'll share many of the lessons we've learned across more than five years of doing these kinds of migrations, including:
* Why should you migrate in the first place?
* How hard can it really be?
* What happens when a change can't be done atomically?

I'll also talk about the myriad ways that such a process can go wrong, using various migrations we've done internal to Google to illustrate. In doing so, I'll also point out how you can structure your infrastructure and tooling to enable a successful large-scale change process within your organization.


CppCon 2018


Hyrum Wright, Google


CppCon Organizer provided Coding Tech with the permission to republish this video.

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