Developing Apache Spark Jobs in .NET using Mobius

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Kaarthik Sivashanmugam
"Apache Spark is an open source data processing framework built for big data processing and analytics. Ease of programming and high performance relative to the traditional big data tools and platforms and a unified API to solve a diverse set of complex data problems drove the rapid adoption of Spark in the industry. Apache Spark APIs in Scala, Java, Python and R cater to a wide range of big data professionals and a variety of functional roles. Mobius is an open source project that aims to bring Spark's rich set of capabilities to the .NET community. Mobius project added C# as another first-class programming language for Apache Spark and currently supports RDD, DataFrame and Streaming API. With Mobius, developers can build Spark jobs in C# and reuse their existing .NET libraries with Apache Spark. Mobius is open-sourced at http://github.com/Microsoft/Mobius. This project has received great support from the .NET community and positive feedback from the Spark enthusiasts. In this talk, we will cover the following topics:

· implementing Apache Spark jobs in C# using Mobius

· internal architecture of Mobius

· best practices using Mobius in production with a Spark cluster - in Windows or Linux, on-premises or in your favorite Cloud"
.NET Fringe 2016

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