Communicating and documenting architectural decisions - David Ayers | #LeadDevNewYork

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As technologists and technology leaders, we live in an interesting and chaotic time. The days of ivory-tower enterprise architects doling out treatises on approved technologies are over, instead, we have agile, two-pizza teams building using emerging architecture techniques and the latest languages. How do we get a handle on this environment and make sure what's being done is documented and communicated out to the larger organization?

In this talk, I'll discuss three techniques that can be used to help:

Lightweight Architectural Decision Records
Technical Architecture Guilds
Building Reference Implementations
All of these may not be right for everyone, but taken together, they can be a powerful force to help document and communicate the decisions that your teams are already making every day.

About David Ayers
David Ayers is a Group Vice President of Technology with Leslie's Poolmart. David has over twenty years of experience crafting elegant, simple solutions for complex problems. He has worked in consulting and industry, with a focus on retail, eCommerce, and the travel industry. Prior to joining Leslie's, David had a brief consulting stint with Credera, and prior to that, David was VP of Technology for The Container Store, where he led teams of technologists in varying areas supporting a speciality retail business, including supply chain, stores, eCommerce, enterprise reporting and analytics, operations, and support. He is passionate about software-as-craft and DevOps practices and helped instill those into the DNA of The Container Store's technologists.
The Lead Developer NY 2019

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