Build your own Excel 365 in an hour with F# - Tomas Petricek

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There are many interesting things happening in a spreadsheet. It needs an interactive user interface where users can edit data and formulas in cells, it needs to parse formulas that users write, it needs to evaluate formulas and show results on the fly and it also needs to handle errors such as division by zero and circular references. In this live coding session, Tomas will attempt to implement all of these features live on stage!
The talk will show a number of techniques and principles that are useful even if you do not plan to create a competition to Excel 365 and Google Sheets!

Along the way, you will learn about the Fable compiler which makes it easy to compile correct, functional-first code to JavaScript and run it in a browser. You will also learn about a number of powerful functional programming techniques. We will use the Elm architecture to create an interactive web application in a functional way and we will use parser combinators to easily create parser for formulas. Finally, we will look at the tips and tricks for handling errors and creating computations that update on-the-fly when data change.
NDC Oslo 2018

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